Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Ticket Marketing to go on TV

BigValueDepot Going T-V!

We had 5 hour meeting last night with two VERY popular celebrities. I cannot go into detail on this until this airs but here is part of the "scoop." A SEVEN minute segment will go on the AIR (TELEVISION) introducing Big Value Depot. It will show case the listing process, the options etc. It will be a 7 MINUTE segment on a major Texas TV network. This segment will give us incredible exposure and we will be given PERMANENT visibility by this network both online and on television!

We will then use our rotator program to distribute NEW LISTING clients and NEW affiliates that may join to this team. The great part is this will not be a "ONE TIME SHOT." This will become a REGULAR promotion and combined with the radio ads we are running in January, we will increase our popularity even more. We have been given a tentative date as to when we will be filming this segment (First week of January). We may even display some of your web stores on the show! This is going to put BigValueDepot on the map once again and having this show on VIDEO and available online to show other people is going to make it even EASIER to promote!


We will be adding 4 NEW web store templates by next Wednesday. New colors, NEW choices! You will be able to change your web store template with the CLICK OF A BUTTON if you wish. We are also adding NEW & IMPROVED banners for your web stores that you can choose. The goal is to make these web stores even more attractive to people and give them even MORE options which makes their decision of "YES" an even easier one to make!


In January we will offer a "30 DAY FREE TRIAL" web store that will be priced at an ENTRY level of $14.95 per month. This will be the BASE LINE store with only 10 LISTINGS attached to it however it will get the people's "FEET WET" and give them a chance to experience store ownership. This will STILL pay out 50% MONTHLY commissions and this will be at a price point that ANYONE can afford. Imagine offering an eBay seller a store for .50cents per day with NO commission fee's etc and customization! Imagine being able to give them the store for 30 days at NO COST to them?

After watching this program grow and grow over yhe past year I do believe that it is the right time to get in ow. You receive free listings, your own web store and many more including training and great tools to make your bsiness grow.

If you need any information or assistance contact me personally and I will guide you through the whole process, a very easy one.


To list anything for free go to: and type in the following code to get yor free listings:263186

Wacky Wine Weekend

Wacky Wine Weekend
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